DIRECTORATE of Seaport Operations

Omolade Faboyede

Director, Seaport Operations

The Directorate of Seaport Operations at the sea is categorized into four (4) broad subheadings namely:
  1. Boarding and Rummaging Of Vessels
  2. Examination Of Export Cargoes
  3. Examination Of Imported Cargoes
  4. Marine patrol of waterways, creeks and harbors
Other responsibilities include the following:

  1. To search all vessels and consignments, seize drug exhibits found on vessels, arrest and prosecute all drug offenders.
  2. Working in collaboration with the NCS in monitoring the movement of goods and persons in any customs area, station or ports and searching cargoes, vessels, crew members, passengers and their baggage.
  3. Maintaining surveillance in the harbor and dock areas of the ports.