DIRECTORATE of Drug Demand Reduction

Ngozi Anthonia Madubuike Phd

Director, Drug Demand Reduction

The Directorate of Drug Demand Reduction is responsible for the entrenchment of anti-drug culture in society. It routinely conducts Drug Abuse Preventive Education (DAPE) programmes such as seminars, workshops and awareness campaigns etc across the country. Its duties also include the development of drug awareness and drug abuse preventive education curricula for schools.

As the directorate in charge of the Treatment and Rehabilitation programme of NDLEA, it is responsible for:

  1. Maintenance and operation of the Agency’s treatment and rehabilitation centres.
  2. Professional treatment of drug addicts and their rehabilitation, in conjunction with relevant specialist treatment centres, public agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations..

The directorate interfaces with NGOs involved in drug demand activities, while it continuously conducts specialized research that gives insights into patterns and trends, strategies and techniques to curb drug abuse.